Are you ready to dive in?

IKONO is the immersive, interactive and artistic experience in the heart of Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and Budapest.

Four captivating venues, each with a unique and immersive journey where you can step out of your comfort zone, express your creativity and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

IKONO is an experience suitable for all ages. The only requirement is that you make each space your own and turn it into a magical place!



Discover the immersive experience where it all began! During your journey you will experience extraordinary colors, lights, sounds and tactile sensations.

Dive into the giant ball pit, explore the atmospheric bamboo forest and let a shower of confetti whisk you away to happiness!

Are you ready to discover all the other surprising environments?



Get ready for an adventure beyond the boundaries of time and imagination!

Explore every corner of the Cyber Punk Street, dive into a futuristic ball pit, and unleash your creative genius with the ikonic Light Painting experience. And don't forget to stop by the Disco Room for an exciting retro-game party where to challenge your friends!

An unforgettable journey to be lived as a protagonist. Ready to get started?



Prepare yourself to experience firsthand the incredible thrills of traveling to different worlds, cultures and times without ever having to leave the city.

After a dive back in time among the bubbles of the Roman Thermae, you will take a leap into the heart of Japan, while getting lost in the mutable shapes of the 'The Lady in the Leaves' labyrinth.

Explorers, let the adventure begin!



Experience a journey like no other at IKONO Budapest, where art becomes an immersive adventure and reality blends with your imagination to unleash extraordinary emotions, fun and memories.

From the Room of the Endless Lanterns with its boundless reflections to the 'Persephone's Return' Labyrinth where to wander with your deep thoughts, each space hides powerful stories all waiting for you.

Will you dare to live a dream beyond imagination?