The IKONO concept is revolutionizing the leisure sector by allowing its customers to enjoy different ikonic spaces where they can experience unique and incomparable moments. This challenges the creativity of the visitors, who are the protagonists: with a young and groundbreaking project that offers sensory experiences. However, to understand the product and who we are, it is necessary to go back to our beginnings and how the idea came about.

The founding team noticed, after living in different cities, that all of them lacked original leisure plans. The offers for a good time did not go beyond restaurants, nightlife and stores. 

The need was identified; the seed was planted. Although they had to wait two more years before the idea had a name and surname. It was in Japan, on a family trip, where they knew what they wanted to do. Specifically, in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, in Kyoto. 

After reviewing several photos they took to immortalize the moments in that natural wonder, they realized that those images moved in their memory. In fact, those colors, those gestures of happiness on their faces, brought them back to the sensations they had experienced in the forest. They had felt totally connected and present, and, to crown the experience, they had taken photographs that allowed them to have that moment immortalized. And then we thought: what would it be like to create a place that would bring together such incredible spaces like this one to experience moments that will remain in the retina? That's how we were born, IKONO, a place that allows you to replicate the feeling of traveling to new places without the need to leave the city.

At the head of the company is Fernando Pastor, who took the reins of the project from the beginning. After producing the initial vision, he was responsible for bringing together the elements necessary for the project to come to life. Fernando decided to take a step forward and take a risk with the launch of IKONO in the middle of the pandemic, as he believes that Madrid needed a project like this. 'Young people are eager to live different and original experiences'.

Through its 600 square meters distributed over three floors, IKONO invites visitors to live a sensory experience by stimulating sight, smell, touch and hearing. Our spaces push us to get out of our comfort zone, to have fun breaking all the boundaries of the present moment and to take a break from our responsibilities; where you can leave your mind blank for a while and use it as a canvas for your creativity. The desire for artistic expression is something inherent to the human being, and in IKONO we make it easy for you to bring out the artist in you.

In addition to the sensory journey you will make through the 15 rooms that combine different 'immersive experiences', you can take photos and totally original audiovisual content, to immortalize the moment and share it with your loved ones.

This is IKONO, the fusion of experience, art and photography to conceive a new type of leisure: entertainment 2.0. How? Living the present moment, connecting with the medium, and allowing the user to share the creative experience in their social circles with a quality product.

IKONO is positioning itself as one of the most demanded entertainment alternatives in Madrid, and our goal is to become the leader in photographable leisure in Europe.