IKONO is a company dedicated to leisure activities and experiences founded in 2019, with its first and main headquarters in Madrid. The idea that led to its creation is the Sevillian entrepreneur David Troya, founder and CEO of Glamping Hub, who defines it as 'a gallery that offers artistic, sensory and photographic experiences that allow visitors to feel part of the space and have ikonic experiences'. In short, IKONO offers places where art, technology and unique experiences converge. The business has been able to capture the new forms of leisure that are emerging, as well as the needs of the new generations to promote their personal image and connect with the environment, to bring to the market places as original as a real bamboo forest, a giant ball pool or an infinity mirror room. Upon his return to Seville from a trip to the Arashiyama bamboo forest, David thought it was necessary to bring together such spectacular spaces in the same location. 

Through a tour of the different spaces of IKONO's premises, visitors enjoy a different journey. IKONO is in permanent contact with its clientele of the 'entertainment 2.0' model: living moments of leisure in the physical place, in the present, and being able to immortalize the moment to be able to take it to the future and share it in our social circles. 

The bases of the company are: excellence in the search for a complete experience; the empowerment of the 'being an artist' of each visitor with spectacular scenery.

In the first months of activity, IKONO has been able to confirm a new model of leisure, as well as a new need of the digital generations; to create spaces where to live unique experiences, where you can also work on personal self-realization and sophisticate our personal image. IKONO's first headquarters is located in Madrid, in front of the Reina Sofia National Museum of Art.