The Visitor agrees to the following during his/her stay inside IKONO Madrid, Roma, Barcelona, Vienna, Copenhagen, or Budapest (hereinafter, 'IKONO').

  • During the stay in the facilities of IKONO, the Visitor must comply with the rules relating to public order, morality and good customs, and those applicable to the rules of civility related to the nature of the activity being visited. 
  • The Visitor is obliged to follow at all times the instructions given by IKONO staff. If, in the reasonable discretion of an IKONO staff member, who must be clearly recognizable as such, the Visitor in any way acts in violation of these rules, instructions, or directions, such Visitor may be denied access to other IKONO facilities or rooms, without the Visitor being entitled to reimbursement of ticket fees or any other costs. A Visitor who purchases tickets for IKONO, for others, undertakes to make such Visitors aware of and require them to also comply with the obligations set forth in these Conditions.
  • Parents and/or caregivers of minors shall at all times be responsible for their behavior.
  • The Visitor allows IKONO to allow photo and/or video reports to be taken inside. This material may be used for advertising purposes on the website, different social media channels, brochures and other forms of expression of IKONO. By accepting these Terms, the Visitor declares to agree to the publication of this material. In the event that you wish to make other types of photo and/or video reports intended for other advertising use, you should contact and arrange an appointment for the same.
  • IKONO allows the reproduction of the images, interactives and audiovisual material of this website, as long as the contrary is not indicated, and its integrity is respected, making reference at all times in its publication that the place of the realization of the photo and/or video is in IKONO.
  • IKONO is not responsible for objects lost on the premises during the Visitor's stay. In the event that the Visitor loses any object, he/she may send an e-mail to with the characteristics of the lost object and IKONO's manager will contact him/her in the event that he/she is on the premises.

In compliance with the corresponding regulations regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, by providing us with your data, the Visitor gives his/her express and unequivocal consent to the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the purpose of providing him/her with the products and services offered by IKONO and detailed in Likewise, you may access this link to exercise your rights in accordance with current legislation or by sending an email to